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Spellfresh is dedicated to the development and formulation of essences and fragrances, providing advice on all types of dilutions and preparation methods.

We are a young and dynamic company with a specialized team, which has experience ... 

Scents and Fragrances
Made from top quality raw materials having as quality for this type of product performance and fixation. 

Essential Oils 

esenciasNatural Essential Oils are the essential ingredients that make up our essence. See our extensive and varied roster.


Our proposal is aimed at people wanting to start a project and a venture in the business of perfumes and essences. Spellfresh provides a unique opportunity. 


 Perfume Essences
Large variety of essences specifically formulated and suitable for fine perfumery that provide durability and quality.
In Spellfresh products and services we offer only the highest quality. Here is detailed list of our selected raw materials.
 Containers and Dispensers
Spellfresh offers a wide range of containers, drums, pumps and dispensers, thus facilitating research and development necessary to complment packaging products.


Using dilutions
Find here the information necessary to achieve the perfect combination of raw materials for the correct formulation of each product type. 
Perfuminas Essences

Garment Spellfresh Essences achieve a liquid perfume and perfume essences Spellfresh environments and cool environments.

 Essences for gadgets
Liquid essences for use in setting c / electrical equipment or batteries.

 Foreign Trade

Necessary professional advice in matters related to the design of your logo, stationery, branding and website for their products.



 Necessary professional advice in matters related to the design.

Industrial Cleaning

Cream cleansers - Multipurpose Degreaser common and orange terpenes - E chological Products for industrial cleaning.



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